The pinnacle of Forged Club designs. Employing extensive CAD designing and FEA testing, we are able to create the strongest, most lightweight, and most dynamic versions of our existing designs. Our other series are already lightweight and track ready, but the Evo Series takes everything up a notch. Featuring the deepest, most aggressive side pocketing, hollowed spokes, achieving up to 10% lighter than its non-Evo counterparts. With Forged Club’s Evo wheels, unsprung mass is reduced dramatically, improving handling, cornering, stopping power and acceleration to guarantee excellent performance on every turn.

10% Lighter


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RS-101 EVORS-101 EVO
RS-101 EVO Sale price$1,225.00 USD
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RS-103 EVORS-103 EVO
RS-103 EVO Sale price$1,225.00 USD
HF-202 EVOHF-202 EVO
HF-202 EVO Sale price$1,475.00 USD

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