We wanted to pay homage to some of the most classic and retro designs but also elevate them to modern standards. Our HF series features Hall of Fame-worthy automotive art that draws inspiration from iconic race cars and classic designs. We redesigned and reengineered them to suit modern super/hypercar performance. The wheels in this series will give you nostalgic designs with the performance of high-precision forged wheels. 


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HF-102 Sale price$1,075.00 USD
HF-103 Sale price$1,075.00 USD
HF-105 Sale price$1,075.00 USD
HF-201 Sale price$1,325.00 USD
HF-202 Sale price$1,325.00 USD
HF-204 Sale price$1,325.00 USD

Highlight Features

Modernized Retro Designs

We took popular retro OEM designs and modernized them for modern sports cars. The results resemble a beautiful fusion of old-school aesthetics and new-school technology.

Timeless Design

Designed to outlast trends, our HF Series is truly classic and timeless. Perfect for enthusiasts who appreciate the classics, our wheels seamlessly blend iconic aesthetics with modern craftsmanship, ensuring your ride stands out with a timeless and iconic look.

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