Warranty & Return Policy

Forged Club - Product Warranty Information

Under normal conditions, Forged Club provides a lifetime warranty against structural flaws in their wheels, but only to the original purchaser. Forged Club also offers a one-year warrantyfrom the date of purchase against finishing defects to the original purchaser.

This warranty covers only the repair or replacement of the wheels, as deemed fit by Forged Club, in case of a detected defect. However, installation charges, transportation fees, or any loss of use are NOT covered under this warranty. Accessories found to have manufacturing or material defects while under warranty will be either repaired or replaced. However, any accessory-related defects will NOT lead to wheel replacement.

To claim a warranty, you must go through either Forged Club or the original dealer from whom you made the purchase.


  • Wheels bought from an unauthorized dealer.
  • Any damage caused by abuse, misuse, negligence, accidents, racing, off-road use, or impact from road hazards.
  • Altered, repaired, or modified wheels.
  • Wheels fitted with spacers or adapters.
  • Incorrect tire sizes or overloading of the vehicle.
  • After-purchase wheel corrosion or cosmetic flaws caused by chemicals, harsh cleaning agents, climate, or neglect.
  • Chrome pitting or discoloration due to poor maintenance.
  • Defects on the back side of the wheel.
  • Fading or discoloration of chrome or painted accessories due to exposure to harsh elements.
  • Cosmetic defects on wheels after mounting.
  • Shipping or handling-related wheel damage. Any such damage should be reported to the shipping company upon receipt, as they are responsible for handling these claims.

This Forged Club wheel warranty is only valid for the original consumer who made the purchase within the United States. The warranty claim is valid when the wheel is returned to the Forged Club warehouse, or authorized dealer from where it was purchased, with freight prepaid and proof of purchase. Please note, this warranty doesn't cover any costs associated with the removal or installation of the wheels.